Hair Dye Wax: The UK Brand That’s Changing the Way You Dye Your Hair


Ever had a hair disaster? Ever dyed your hair, regretted it and wished you could take it all back? Or do you avoid dyeing your hair altogether to avoid the hair damage that comes with it?

What if you could dye your hair with zero commitment and zero risk of damage?

Well, it’s possible.

Hair dye wax is a 100% temporary and natural hair pomade that’s taking the beauty industry by storm.


hair dye wax.

It’s made up of natural ingredients, is cruelty-free and only takes one wash to completely wash out of your hair.

Every brand has a different formula. Some great... and some not so great. In this article we’ll only be discussing what you’ll get from the Farewell Beauty hair dye wax... which is great.


Why people are loving it:


It’s easy to apply

One of the best things about our wax is that it’s super easy and safe to apply. Unlike other types of hair dye it’s completely non-chemical and non-toxic so you don’t even need to wear gloves to apply it!


How it’s applied?

To get the absolute best results, we recommend applying our hair dye wax to freshly conditioned, washed hair that’s dry or a little damp (your choice!). At this point feel free to add in the products you’d usually put in your hair post-wash; don’t feel like you have to use our hair dye wax in isolation!

After this, take a lump of our creamy pomade and distribute evenly through your hair (feel free to go through it with a brush for straighter textures!) on whichever parts of your hair you’d like to dye.

If you’re after a more intense colour, we recommend allowing the first application to dry for about 15 minutes, and then layering up accordingly until you find your perfect colour!

hair dye wax uk

You can change your hair as often as you want

A great thing about Farewell Beauty hair dye wax is that once it completely dries, it doesn’t feel sticky, greasy or waxy at all. There’s no residue either, so once it’s out your hair, it’s really out - no trace!


It doesn’t damage your hair

Whether you’re giving your hair a ‘break’ before re-dyeing, or if you avoiding hair dye altogether; we can be almost certain the reason is either the damage caused or the commitment associated with changing your hair colour.

Let’s talk about damage.

Believe it or not, our hair dye wax contains natural ingredients that are actually GOOD for your hair. Namely beeswax (we’re going vegan soon though!), liquorice and castor oil. Ever thought you’d be healing your hair whilst dyeing it?

We stay very, very far away from all types of ammonia, silicone and sulphides!

hair dye wax uk


It works on all hair types and textures

Will this work on very straight dark hair?

Will this work on 4c-type hair?

These are the most common hair-texture related questions we get, and the answer is YES.

The amazing thing about our new formula hair dye pomade is it’s not limited to a small selection of hair textures. It works on absolutely all hair types! If you don’t believe us have a look at our Instagram highlight reel (we show application on all hair types).

By the way - if you have dark hair and want a more prominent looking colour - all you have to do is add another layer!


So to wrap things up... if you’re after a bit of colour without the commitment - give our wax a try! If you’ve had a bad experience with other brands (or with our old formula) don’t let it put you off giving Farewell Beauty hair dye pomade a try. Whether you’re simply wanting to cover some grey hairs or are wanting to test out a crazy colour for the weekend in the lowest maintenance way possible - give our hair dye wax a try!