About Us

What if you could change the colour of your hair every day? If you could switch from colour to colour without the commitment of a permanent dye? Literally change your hair colour daily without ANY damage?

Well... It's possible.

It's the exact reason we came up our unique hair dye pomade, with a range of 7 different colours (unlimited colours if you mix them!)

Our pomade is 100% organic. We believe in nothing but natural ingredients when it comes to haircare; so you don't have to worry to about brittle hair or any type of damage after use - why not give your hair a dose of the good stuff?

The creamy texture of our pomade makes it super easy to apply: 1) Soothe it across slightly dry hair, 2) Blow dry, 3) Enjoy your new fabulous colour!

Our Farewell Pomade works with all hair types - you can even use our dye with wigs and weaves!

Tired of your look or want to try something new? No problem! Just give your hair a quick shampoo wash and you'll be as good as new - no residue at all!

Check out our FAQ page for more information or contact us at info@farewellbeauty if you have any questions! Be sure to send us your pictures and we might even feature you on our page!


Meet our Founder - Natasha

'It all first came about when I wanted to dye my own hair. I went pink. I thought it would look good, but there was no way of knowing for sure until I took the plunge and chemically dyed it. Well, long story short - it was a hair dye disaster! (girls if you know, you know). 

That's when I had my eureka moment. What if there was a way to dye your hair without the commitment of permanent dye? Something completely natural that I could wash out when I was finished with it? Something that looks more realistic than spray dye.

And that's when Farewell Beauty Pomade was born.