Q: Is This a Hair Dye Wax?

A: No! It's a pomade! Unlike other brands, our temporary hair dye doesn't contain any wax whatsoever! What does this mean? Soft hair, soft results and no transfer. Say goodbye to stiffness, not being able to brush your hair and products that don't work on certain hair types! 

Q: Will It Be Difficult to Get Out My Hair?

A: No! All it takes is one wash with or without shampoo to rinse out completely.

Q: How Long Does It Last?

A: The colour will remain in your hair until it's washed out!

Q: Will It Show on Black Hair or Do I Have to Bleach?

A: All of our colours work on dark hair. There isn't any need to bleach!

Q: I Have Very Dark Hair, How Can I Get a Very Bright Hair Colour?

A: For best results we recommend selecting a strongly pigmented colour and mixing it with a lighter colour. This is instead of using a lightly pigmented pomade directly to your hair.

Q: Is It Okay For Me to Mix Two or More Colours Together?

A: Yes! We even recommend mixing colours to ensure you find the perfect tone for your hair!

Q: Does This Work on All Hair Types?

A: Absolutely! Our products work for all hair types. All the way from type 1A to 4C.

Q: Does This Work for 4C-Type Hair?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Will This Make 4C-Type Hair Difficult to Comb?

A: Absolutely not! Our product soothes and smooths the hair making it easier to comb if anything!

Q: Will This Make Straight Hair Difficult to Brush?

A: Absolutely not! Our pomade is infused with hair mask properties that sooth and smooth your hair the longer you leave it in! A brush will glide through your hair and have it looking as natural as ever.

Q: Is This Heat Safe?

A: Yes! You can use straighteners and blow dryers with the product in your hair.

Q: Will It Come Off with Rain/Sweat?

A: No! It will only come off when you wash your hair. 

Q: Does It Rub or Transfer?

A: No!

Q: Will It Make My Hair Feel Waxy/Clumpy?

A: No, it will not. Our pomade soothes your hair and allows your brush to glide through it easily.

Q: Is It Like a Powder or Lotion?

A: It's more of a pomade texture!

Q: How Long Have You Been Around?

A: We launched officially in May 2016 as The Farewell Brand. We've recently gone through huge re-brand with our community; we now go by the name Farewell Beauty.

Q: Do You Ship to My Country?

A: We ship to everywhere except from South America and the Middle East. We hope to be able to ship worldwide in the future!

Q: How Long Will Shipping Take?

A: If you're located in the UK, US or Canada, Australia or Western Europe we'll get your order processed and delivered to your doorstep within 1-5 working days. For Asia, Australia, Africa or Eastern Europe please allow between 4-10 working days for your delivery.

Q: Is This a Scam?

A: NO! We run an honest business that always puts our customer first. All orders are tracked and all payments are protected by Stripe so you'll never lose your money! Have any questions? We pride ourselves on 24/7 support at hello@farewellbeauty.com

Q: I'd Like to Collaborate With Your Brand

A: So you'd like to work with us? Great! Just shoot us an email at creators@farewellbeauty.com letting us know a bit about you and the ideas you have for the collaboration. A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours! 

Your question isn't listed here?

Shoot us an email at hello@farewellbeauty.com or contact us on Instagram and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!